The main pillars of Emmad’s Quality Management System are its quality policy, process-based management, philosophy built on risk and continuous improvement. With a view to completely satisfying every customer, our QMS covers a series of processes ranging from QMS planning and improvement, packing production, as well as goods packing and protective packaging services. To guarantee that the QMS is thoroughly deployed, our activities are developed around ten essential values, which are present throughout our value chain and mostly involve the following:

  1. Increasing customer satisfaction;
  2. Maintaining a trained team;
  3. Ensuring we have the right number of suitable machines and equipment;
  4. Developing good supplier relations;
  5. Promoting partnerships with customers;
  6. Carrying out quality control;
  7. Meeting delivery deadlines;
  8. Continuously improving;
  9. Growing step by step;
  10. Meeting the customer’s requirements and those of the law.

Environmental Sustainability

All pine wood used in Emmad packaging undergoes heat treatment against nematode pest in accordance with the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 of FAO – ISPM No. 15.

We are aware that we share a common space, which must be protected and perpetuated, and so it is necessary for us to act responsibly. That is why we invest heavily in recycling and re-using products and materials, always improving and increasing production in a sustainable and balanced manner.


100% recyclable packages!

Responsible and sustainable growth policy!