Value Chain

Whatever kind of industrial packaging you are looking for, we’ll find the solution!

We develop turnkey projects and base our activities on a solid and structured value chain, ensuring quality, accuracy and compliance with deadlines, thereby generating value and competitive advantage through analysis, planning, production, packing and logistics processes.



Absolutely every project that we develop undergoes strict analysis, which includes measuring the product to be packed and defining the right package and/or packing service for its protection and dispatch.



We have an Engineering and Design Department (R&D) in which we develop computer modelling projects for our products, defining the best solution for the packaging of the most complex items in terms of size, weight, transport or storage conditions.

The excellence that characterizes us is guaranteed by the combination of the know-how of a highly qualified team and the use of state-of the-art technology from the first contact with the client.



Emmad’s production process involves a series of stages linked to quality, among which we would highlight the following:

Control of raw materials, production planning, production of packages by qualified staff and quality control. In addition to the above, we have a CNC machining centre for wood plates and we are able to complement our wooden packages with metal structural elements designed and produced in-house.


Production areas:

>Specific solutions

Nowadays, packing needs may vary considerably, and our customers may not always find what they are looking for.

Considering the various types of products and their characteristics, we are able to produce small series of tailored packaging, regardless of their size, strength or shape.

>Specific serial solutions

We have the capacity to take on the serial production of customised packaging, regardless of its size, strength or shape.



The activities inherent to this process are a seal of quality and safety throughout all the projects we develop and follow-up. Together with the customer we think in and out of the box and plan the packing operations taking fully into consideration its content. We have the right conditions to take on the protective packaging and lashing of containers in our facilities and have a specialised team ready to travel to any part of Portugal whenever necessary.

As such, the customer’s time and resources are optimised for what really matters.



Our logistics department ensures the efficiency and perfect operation of all the processes involved in the value chain, guaranteeing that our customers’ delivery times are fulfilled.